adv. and adj. near•er, near•est, prep. v. adv.
1) at, within, or to a short distance; close in space
2) close in time:
The new year draws near[/ex]
3) closely with respect to connection, similarity, etc. (often used in combination):
a near-standing position[/ex]
4) almost; nearly:
a period of near 30 years[/ex]
5) naut. navig. Naut. close to the wind
6) archaic in a thrifty or stingy manner
7) being close by; not distant:
the near fields[/ex]
8) being the lesser in distance:
the near side[/ex]
9) short or direct:
the near road[/ex]
10) close in time:
the near future[/ex]
11) closely related or connected:
our nearest relatives[/ex]
12) close to an original:
a near translation[/ex]
13) intimate or familiar:
a near and dear friend[/ex]
14) narrow or close:
a near escape[/ex]
15) thrifty or stingy
16) cvb (of a vehicle, single animal, or pair of animals hitched side by side) designating the left as seen from the rider's or driver's viewpoint
(opposed to off 37) ).
17) at, to, or within a short distance, or no great distance, from:
regions near the equator[/ex]
18) close to in time:
near the beginning of the year[/ex]
19) close to a condition or state:
to be near death[/ex]
20) to come or draw near; approach
Etymology: bef. 900; ME nere, OE nēar, comp. of nēah nigh near′ness, n.

From formal English to slang. 2014.

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